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Charles P. Weeth showing off an 8" HDPE mortar after a destructive testing. Note the base has been 'banana peeled' and the plug is missing from the first test and the muzzle has been flared out from the second test.

November 15, 2002. The second and largest explosion aboard the new 930 foot container vessel M/V Hanjin Pennsylvania.

March 21, 2006. The M/V Hyundai Fortune is ablaze after an explosion below decks that engulfed the cargo containers on deck, including containers of declared 1.3G fireworks bound for Europe.

May 13, 2000. One of the three major explosions at the SE Fireworks facility in Enschede, The Netherlands that resulted in 22 fatalities, almost 1,000 seriously injured and over 400 homes and businesses destroyed.

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